Scholarships for Re-entry Students

2018 STARS Staff (Sara Radoff, left, and Janet Ceja, middle) and Scholarship Recipients

One of the primary goals of the UCSC Women’s Club is to provide educational opportunities for UCSC re-entry students through scholarships and academic support.

Garden tours, phantom tea parties, art and silent auctions, chocolate festivals, membership dues and individual donations are some of the ways funds have been raised over the years. Through these efforts, the Women’s Club has been able to assist older students for whom studies in their chosen field may be an unattainable dream. Over the past 40 years, the Women’s Club has awarded 481 scholarships for a total of $393,282 for research activities, tuition, and childcare.

Scholarship monies given to students come from two sources: money raised directly to be awarded for scholarships and money that is interest income from our endowment. While we continue to raise money for both direct scholarships and to invest into the endowment, our current effort is to increase the endowment to ensure our scholarship program for future generations.

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