Make and renew friendships while sharing activities and ideas

Spring 2014 Board of Directors: Front row- Jo Barbier, Rusty Bowman, Nancy Eder, Sally Lester, Bonita Sebastian, Andrea Cohen, Corrine Miller, Ilene Wilson, Marge Gregory; Back row - Marcie Dekking, Ann Berry Kline, Mary Ann Hobbs, Hazel Powell, Kerrie McCaffrey, Pamela Johansen, Laurie Salatich, Kathy Rouhier, Kira Steinberg, Claudia Parrish

In July 2022, we merged with the former Affiliates to create Community Connections. Attend upcoming events and engage with us by visiting the Community Connections website. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Enrich your mind, learn more about UC Santa Cruz and your community, help students achieve their goals!

The UCSC Women’s Club offers you these opportunities and more! Please review our organization's mission (below) and peek at our President’s Welcome.

Explore our website to find out more about this exciting group.

Mission statement: The UCSC Women’s Club is open to all adults in the campus and town communities. Its purpose is to be of service to the university, to foster friendship between town and gown, and to encourage understanding and support for the mission and functions of the university. A special goal of the club is to raise money for scholarships for UCSC re-entry students.