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President Laurie Salatich (2014-2016) passes the gavel to Claudia Parrish (2016-2018)

Greetings, UC Santa Cruz Women’s Club Members and Friends!  Welcome to the 2016-17 year and the Women’s Club’s 50th Anniversary Celebration! As in-coming President of the Women’s Club, I am excited for our year to begin as we celebrate and acknowledge 50 years of friendship, shared interests, and service among university and community women.

I hope everyone will join us for our 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Fall Gathering, our first meeting of the new year on Wednesday, October 5th at 11 am at the UCSC Arboretum.  One of my goals as in-coming President coincides with our 50th Anniversary by making sure we have a complete archive of our club’s history. We’ll work on that all year, and I invite anyone with knowledge of our club’s history or interest in doing some research to join me.

A recent survey of club members revealed that our members find equal value in the interesting topics presented at our monthly meetings and the club’s numerous interest groups. Our monthly program meetings begin on November 2nd, and 1st Vice-Presidents Corinne Miller and Virginia Rivera are working on putting a slate of programs together sure to be as varied and interesting as past years' have been.

Besides being a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends, our Fall Gathering will give everyone a chance to learn more about and perhaps join one or more of our numerous interest groups, which include: Adventure, Biking, Book Groups, Bridge, Dance, English in Action, Finance, Garden, Hiking, Lunch, Gourmet Cooking, Mah Jongg, Quilting, Travel, and Campus Connections. Whew! That’s a lot of interesting things to get involved in! And if you have an idea for a group you don’t see in that list, start one!  Connect with our Interest group coordinator Kerrie McCaffrey if you have an idea.

This year, I hope to explore the development of a new interest group focusing on ways the insight and knowledge of the University our membership possess might be leveraged to support some of the campus’s first generation students, who could benefit greatly from our extensive collective college experience. I think this activity fits well with our other major endeavor of supporting students through scholarships and could also provide rewarding activity for interested members as well.

As mentioned, one of our club's primary goals is awarding scholarships for campus re-entry students.  Join Laurie Salatich, our Fundraising Coordinator, and her team if you’re interested in helping out.

I also hope this year to find ways for us to broaden our membership and include a more intergenerational membership base. Some members have already expressed interest in developing strategies to this end, and again, I encourage anyone with ideas to join this effort.

Finally, I’m honored and excited to serve as President as we celebrate the Club’s 50th Anniversary. I look forward to working with all of you on continuing our good work and to creating new connections among women at the University and in the community.

Best wishes for a fun and productive year,

Claudia Parrish
UCSC Women’s Club

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