Chocoholic of the Year

Congratulations to Tori Votino,

2016 Santa Cruz Chocoholic of the Year!

Tori VotinoTori is a great ambassador for chocolate. She teaches people fun facts about chocolate almost daily, knows where to find the best chocolate desserts in town and buys tickets to the festival every year so she and her dad can enjoy all the chocolates. Tori believes chocolate is its own food group and a meal is not complete without chocolate. She gives up dinner to make sure she has her chocolate dessert. Tori spends more money on chocolate than anything else other than tuition and textbooks. She asks people for chocolate for holidays and her birthday and gives it to other people as gifts and then sees if she can try some. She makes 2 a.m. runs for chocolate and picks off the chocolate bits first on her mom’s chocolate chip banana bread. When talking about future chocolate adventures, her eyes light up!  

What is a chocoholic?

The dictionary defines a chocoholic as a person who is excessively fond of chocolate.

Do you know someone who feels chocolate is the fifth major food group?
Do you know someone who eats chocolate every day?
Do you know someone who eats chocolate anytime of the day?
Do you know someone who has a secret chocolate stash?

Nominate that chocolate lover next year to be the Santa Cruz Chocoholic of the Year!
Tell us why you think this person is a TRUE chocoholic.

How it works

Each year we invite nominations for chocolate lovers to become Chocoholic of the Year in Santa Cruz. Five of the nominees will be selected by committee as candidates for Chocoholic of the Year.  The community is invited to vote, and the nominee with the most votes will be crowned at the festival and will receive a basket of incredible chocolate goodies.

Past Winners

Georgia Jensen (2015)

Bonita Sebastian (2014)

Lorraine Margon (2013)

Ann Berry-Kline (2012)

Linda Beach (2011)

Susan Karon (2010)

Donna Maurillo (2009)

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